Monday, March 1, 2010


I have so much to blog about since its been about a week. I'm going to do several different posts about things that happened last week.
I went to my conference in Williamsburg called SEAHO (South Eastern Association of Housing Officers). It was a hard conference to be at since the whole reason I was there was to interview and I didn't have any interviews. However, I was pleasantly surprised that some schools in the area had were anticipating openings in their housing departments. Though this isn't a guaranteed job opening, it gave me a lot of hope. I spent the conference making new connections hoping that they would remember me when a position opened up ... and renewing old relationships at CNU! I spent a long time talking to a Residence Hall Director at ODU. She and I had a great conversation about the position and even her own job search. She shared with me that she was in the exact same position as me just last year (her partner is in the Navy and got stationed at Norfolk Naval). This was beyond encouraging and talking to her was worth it even if I don't get a position. The encouragement allowed me to step back and breathe... I am not in panic mode yet. If it is graduation day and I have no prospects then I might start looking at Starbucks but right now there are possibilities!!!

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