Monday, March 1, 2010

Feels Like Home

On Tuesday night, I got into Williamsburg, checked into my hotel, and ran to Newport News to meet Daniel. It still amazes me how incredibly happy I am to see him after a few weeks of separation... I still get butterflies and a rush of joy :) We took a night to chill by ourselves, get some drinks, and talk since I knew I would be so busy the next couple days with everything. It is an amazing feeling to have a safe place within a life of uncertainty. I can't wait to have a home together and have that safe environment in one location.
Wednesday night, Daniel and I went over to my Big's house and hung out with her, her new man!, her roommate and her boyfriend. We had cheesecake and played this crazy card came called BANG! ... and yes the conversation did start to deteriorate quickly especially since you had to BANG! people to win. I had heard so much about her guy and her other roommate and so it was awesome to meet them. It was a good time to hang out with two other couples. It is rare that we get to be around other couples since most of the time we are the only one or one of two.
Thursday night, it was two beautiful Zeta ladies birthdays :) I was so excited to see them and a large number of sisters at once!! The second I walked in the door and started hugging everyone, I realized it really was home. I also got to meet a bunch of DT fam that I had never met before. YAY for our family being HUGE!! The birthday girls had a marvelous cake all themed with ZTA and it was great to see them so happy! I got to buy them the traditional birthday shot and take it with them (of course!!). All in all, it was a great night and a few of us stayed till Cheeseburger in Paradise closed.
The conference ended Friday afternoon and so I went to see my Big at her store in Williamsburg. Luckily, she was on her break so we got to talk about lots of good stuff. I then went to visit my best friend since middle school (yes we went to elementary, middle, high, and college together) at her work and see her new apartment. Her new place is soo adorable and I am definitely jealous of it. Maybe one day I will figure out how to keep a place clean and decorate?? I also met one of my fabulous littles at Brickhouse. Brickhouse is one of my favorite bars in Newport News so it was nice to hang out there. We watched the end of the Men's hockey game against Finland (USA! USA!) and got some food. Later that night, I met Daniel at one of our couple friends from his church. Right before I met him though, we got into a big fight mainly because I blew everything out of proportion. I was close to not going but I am glad we were able to put it past us quickly and have a great time. Our friends have been married three years, are super fun, young and one is Catholic and the other is not. They are a great couple to hang out with and talk about life. We had a great time drinking wine and talking about everything from the Olympics to religion.
Saturday during the day was a wedding planning day (I'll save that for another post) and Saturday night was a double date that I have been waiting for since... well honestly since middle school. My best friend and I always fantasized about how we found guys to settle down with we would do stuff as couples all the time. We even joked about having a joint wedding. We went to get drinks, ate Hibachi, and played the electronic version of life which was sooo much fun. All in all, I love her new man and am so happy that we can finally do all the things that we have talked about doing for FOREVER.
Sunday, Daniel and I went to church with a crew and then made brunch after. With all the teasing about how I don't know how to cook, I made the pancakes (yes... I made it with mix but I did all the pouring and flipping) After that, we went for a walk, relaxed until I had to leave.
It was an amazing five days and I was constantly reminded that this is my home and where my heart is!

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