Monday, March 1, 2010

Shhhh... Don't Ask

So if you don't know, I LOVE politics... I am genuinely obsessed with the news. I watch election results like other people watch football. I read all sorts of online news sources such as USA Today, NY Times, etc... I flip through Foxnews, CNN, and sometimes MSNBC every night so that I can get different perspectives. I can tell you every show on cable news from 3 pm on.. It is pretty ridiculous but that is just me. I love to talk about controversial issues and debate with all sorts of people but get frustrated because most people are ill informed. At this point in my life, I am thinking of going to law school and begin working on political campaigns. I am a huge conservative that leans to the libertarian side. I am passionate about conservative issues most of all about government intervention into peoples ordinary lives.

Here is the shocker: I do not understand why conservatives are against repealing "Don't Ask, Don't tell". There is NO good reason to not let gay people serve in the military. I do understand that in a large part this is a generational issue. People my parents age did not grow up around openly gay people and thus have limited exposure to them. They only think of the stereotypes. I keep hearing people say if we let gay people serve openly we might as well get ride of gender specific baracks and bathrooms. As someone who works in gender specific housing, let me tell you that is ridiculous. Gay people live with people of the same gender in university housing ALL over the country and use the same bathrooms. These people are generally accepted members of their communities. Though their roommate might have an initial problem, In two years I have not had ONE person request to move because of sexual orientation (and I know that I have lesbians living in my building). Not only have I not had anyone request, I haven't heard any of my fellow RDs friends having anyone either. Normally, it is the parents that are more upset about their son/daughter roommate being gay then the student is. The fact is is that these communities are not hurt by the sexual orientation of these members...The contrary is normally true. This is not just in housing but LGBT students are more and more frequently joining gender specific Greek letter organizations and I have NEVER heard these organizations complaining that their "unit cohesion" is damaged because of their membership. The only thing that matters is that these people give their time and energy to benefit the organization. Even more so in the military WHO CARES about their sexual orientation if these people are doing their job and keeping us safe?? The idea that people walk around being "scared" of being hit on by fellow soldiers is ridiculous in the light of the fact that men and women have been serving together in the military for a long time. Men and women also live in very tight quarters oversees when deployed. Though I am not a fan of the argument that other countries are doing it (especially in regards to health care), in this case all the military has to do is look at other countries and see how this works for them. I seriously doubt that any of the arguments will hold up.


  1. While I have no issue with repealing the don't ask don't tell, since I am a spouse of a serviceman I hear this argument a lot. Servicemen don't want to have to worry about if there co-workers are thinking about doing the deed when they are in the midst of war or mission. They want their sole focus to be on the mission at hand, not on "is he/she checking me out, do they watch me get undressed in barracks" etc. It's not that they are "scared" per say, but it is one other distraction for soldiers to have to worry about. A distracted soldier is a dead one, unfortunately. And military is a whole different ball game when it comes to jobs, I learn more and more the military functions like it's own government and country. The rules are different. We may not like it, but that's how it is, and as much as it sucks to hear people say it, I am learning to just deal with the "if you don't like it leave the military". I am all for being open, but just wanted to share what I have been hearing on the military front. Plus I like hearing both sides :)

  2. I have heard that on the military front too ... my problem with that is that the argument doesn't hold up when you have a mixed gender military. Women have to work and stay focused regardless of what the men around them are thinking so I don't get why it would be any different with gay men/women. I have faith that our men and women can focus on the job at hand without worrying about people lusting after them. It def is interesting to hear other sides of the story!