Monday, March 1, 2010

Wedding Craziness

So the main reason I stayed in town after the conference was too do wedding appointments, on Saturday I met with the lady who is doing the invitations and the wedding planner. My parents came down from Fredericksburg, Daniel's parents were there, and two of my bridesmaids. It was so nice to have everyone in the same place at the same table going over important details. Finally the invitation drama has ended. I am still not happy with the process and will never recommend this lady HOWEVER I am happy with the final product. People should be getting their invitations in two weeks :) SOO excited for that! My coordinator brought everyone schedules of the wedding day broken up by 15 minute intervals. It was awesome to see that she had it together and knew exactly what we were supposed to do. She also went over details such as the cake, limo, timeline, musicians for the ceremony etc. Overall, everything is coming together and I CAN'T WAIT to stop planning my wedding and start living my marriage :)

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