Friday, February 19, 2010

Manning Staff

I have been reminded this week and specifically this morning what a wonderful staff I am blessed to have. This is RA appreciation week and I feel bad that I have not done enough to appreciate the wonderful work that my 15 lovely ladies do everyday. All of these girls have huge hearts and ridiculously busy schedules. Through it all, they continue to be a blessing to me and to all the girls in the building. They do everything that I ask them to do and even act like they enjoy it (well maybe not things like fire inspections but who would enjoy that?) They represent me and the department SOO well that so many Manning residents wanted to be RAs next year. Not one person declined the position in Manning for next year.. Not ONE! This is amazing because being in a highrise isn't the most appealing place to live especially if you are going to be a sophomore.
Even during their week to be recognized, they put together along with hall council a party to recognize our custodial staff. They made food, gift baskets, and made signs for all the residents to sign (one for each of the custodians). Our custodial staff was so blessed by this sign of appreciation and I was proud to see their huge hearts in action. Though being at Clemson the past two years has not been the easiest thing, I can definitely say that I am blessed by the people I have met.

Above is our first staff picture... We are missing Janelle (who is in Italy right now) and Alexa (who came to us this semester)

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