Tuesday, February 16, 2010


For some reason, I have been feeling extremely anxious about everything. The last two days I have woken up with intense anxiety about work, class, job, wedding ... pretty much everything. Its one of those things where I feel so anxious that I can't really get things done... I would really like to wake up without my heart racing and muscles tense :(
I have been having drama with some of the details with the wedding which is extremely frustrating. The whole reason you hire someone is so they have to do the work and you don't!!! AHHHH! I just don't understand why someone cannot do something right ... I am not asking for perfection just COMPETENCE.
Since, I have been away or unavailable the last two weekends I am getting super behind in school stuff. Not that it matters that much because all I need to do is pass my classes. But I generally always get good grades, so I would like to do a little more than pass. Its just hard to get motivated.
Job search is extremely stressful and it is for everyone. I feel bad about complaining about it because everyone in my program is going through the same type of thing. The only difference is instead of looking anywhere in the US like most people I am looking in such a specific area. I am still waiting to hear about my last phone interview with CNU and I have another one next week. But the fact that its been a week since my phone interview and I haven't heard makes me think I didn't get an on-campus. That may just be me being paranoid but it still is a cause for anxiety ...

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