Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Goodbye Manning

Manning has been my home for the past two years at Clemson. I have lived there, worked there, partied there etc... I did not have a big apartment but it was just right for one person. I felt very comfortable there and it was all mine! This was my first apartment since I had always lived in regular residence halls while at college (which the exception of two months one summer). I moved out two days ago even though I don't graduate till Friday since they are doing major construction and needed everyone out. Not only did I have to move early ... I don't have access to lots of things in my office which makes finishing up everything for the year EXTREMELY difficult! I am not going to lie def on the bitter bus with that one.

Because this is the first and only place that will ever be just mine naturally I was sad to leave. I didn't think I would be as sentimental as I was but I definitely almost cried leaving that apartment. I have such good memories there and the idea that now I will not live on campus anymore is scary. I have never once seen an electric or phone bill. I have never paid for cable or water or really cooked for that matter. I am used to being able to always walk to anything that is necessary AND being a hot second away from a friend when needed. Needless to say, living off campus is going to be a HUGE adjustment. I guess I have to grow up sometime!

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  1. It isn't so hard! We don't see our bills :P They are automatically paid haha if that kinda counts!